250px-A_wrinkle_in_time_digest_2007.jpg Welcome to the RQMS Book Club Wiki

Hello students, welcome to our wiki page! This is a place for you to talk about the books you are reading and share comments and thoughts about your books. Tell us if you liked your book and why. Explain why you would or would not recommend this book to a friend. Tell everyone what it was about the story that really got you thinking, dreaming, believing, changing, laughing, angry, sad, frustrated or wanting more! There are no grades or projects due-read for the LOVE of reading-just for fun! Read, enjoy, and share with others. Hear about new books that have just come out or old favorites too. View a book trailer and if you want, create your own digital book talk. It is fun and easy it is to bring technology into our learning. Get started! Helpful tip: Read the section below to help you "navigate" or move through the wiki.


RQMS Book Club wiki is a wiki designed to integrate technology into classroom and library learning experiences.red-kayak.jpg

How does this wiki work?

This is the "home" page which welcomes you and explains the purpose of our wiki. On the right side of the screen are "page links" that will take you to other sections of our wiki. ook club selections are listed here, with each page containing a summary of the book, author information, and other interesting things about the book. Students are able to post discussions about the books they are reading. Take a few moments to click on each page link and explore. At the top of each page are tabs:

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Click on each tab to explore and gain a better understanding of each tab's purpose.

Who are the contact persons

Mrs. Hickman and Mrs. Pilsch, the Rock Quarry Librarians, will be assisting students in their online discussions through the use of this Wiki. Please see the Notify Me tab to get into contact with us.