Brand-New Emily

By Ginger Rue


One teen outcast. One powerful publicist. Together, they’ll create

the hottest brand Wright Middle School has ever seen.

New-girl Emily Wood is in big trouble: she’s accidentally crossed the alpha-clique
she calls “The Daisies,” and now she’s the target of such social mudslinging that
no one at school is talking to her. But when Emily stumbles onto some top-secret
celebrity gossip, she finds herself in a position to hire New York’s most powerful
public relations firm—and have a shot at a whole new image!

Make way for Brand Em: she’s got style, she’s got attitude, and she doesn’t take
flak from The Daisies. But no product can stay hot forever. Will Emily discover
the limits of brand loyalty, or is she in danger of becoming the brand and losing herself?

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